Manovich on Software as a Media for Thinking

Lev Manovich spoke at the Trinity CTVR on the 6th Sept on ‘Cultural Analytics: How to use big data to unlearn what we know?‘ During the lecture, Manovich reviewed a number of his more prominent projects ranging from earlier work visualising large (and complete) collections of magazine covers and magazine pages as reflections of social culture. […]

Tragedy: On the Critical Appreciation of Kindred Britain

How does one bring tragedy into the story? In the case of Kindred Britain (on which I have previously written), the creators clearly state that this entire exercise is largely speculative – a great approach to humanities research!  They have oversimplified – quite knowingly – in their choice of metrics, but identify this speculation clearly and […]

Kindred Britain

One of the more exciting (for me personally at least) digital humanities projects that I have come across this year is Kindred Britain. Kindred Britain is a network of nearly 30,000 individuals — many of them iconic figures in British culture — connected through family relationships of blood, marriage, or affiliation. It is a vision […]

Linking the Analogue Exhibition with the Digital

Special Collections at Queen’s University Belfast is pleased to launch a new digital exhibition: ‘Ireland and the Colonies: 1775-1947: Friendships, Alliances, Resistances‘. It is prepared and curated by Dr Kath Stevenson and Shawn Day with contributions from Dr Daniel Roberts, Dr Matthew Reznicek and Dr Jonathan Wright. It has been launched to coincide with the conference of the […]

The Launch of ‘Heaney at Queen’s’ Digital Exhibition

[one_half] Special Collections and Archives at Queen’s Univesity Belfast are proud to release a very special curated digital collection “Heaney at Queen’s” in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry. This project was produced in close collaboration between the Library, the Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities, Professor Fran […]

In Advance of the Day of DH 2014

It’s been a day of prep on all fronts for tomorrow. Launching the Heaney at Queen’s Exhibition as part of a larger symposium has involved consultation with various stockholders in the project, chasing artefacts and assembling metadata. Thankfully the bulk of the narrative has been assembled and ingested and the general shape of the exhibition established. The […]

Omeka in the Wild: Practicing What We Preach

Over the past few years, in consultations with a wide variety of projects I have increasingly identified opportunities where Omeka would make an excellent platform for digital curation. However, aside from a few tentative ventures with it, and a few instances where myself of DHO colleagues were consulted about some knotty problems, I have not […]

Omeka on the Big Screen

We did a soft launch of the Sir Robert Hart 1835-1911 digital exhibition on the amazing 42inch touchscreen installed in the Library. Although not planning for making the product available to the wider populace just yet, the experience of seeing the lightly modified Berlin-themed exhibit on the gesture-based interface cast hesitancy to the wind. The addition of […]

Keeping the Power of Visualisation in Mind

The rather innocuously titled ‘Visualising helps make sense of data‘ by Teresa Tocewicz crossed my radar this morning. It’s a short, succinct piece that doesn’t raise any contentious ides, instead reinforcing and reminding why and how we approach the visualisation of data in digital humanities scholarship. Online tools have made it easier than ever to […]

Devising Best Practises in Digital Curation

Trevor Owens has shared a thoughtful discussion looking towards considering a Style Guide Digital Collection Hypertexts. In it he considers what could become shared and best practise approach to the  online exhibition. I was much struck but his reference to ‘ticky-tacky interpretive analytical writing’ which he suspects is being increasingly found given the availability of […]