Google, Alphabet and Digital Scholarship

The last workshop of the season concluded the Digital Humanities Initiative at Queen’s sponsored by Special Collections in the Library. Today’s topic: Google Tools for Digital Scholarship – brought me to reflect on a few of the more salient aspects of the fluidity of data and tools in the digital age. I began delivering this […]

Reflecting on the Breadth of DH Development at Queen’s

I was asked to ponder what the Digital Humanities initiative at Queen’s had accomplished over the past two years. I think it’s a great idea to reflect occasionally on where we have come from so as to have a better sense of where we are going; who we are serving, inspiring and empowering and how we might […]

Using Social Media to Achieve Research Impact

I was asked, as part of the Queen’s Gender Initiative (QGI),  to share a few ideas around why it has become so important for academics to engage with social media to achieve research impact. I focus on three actions : promotion, connection, and collaboration as a means to find personal academic research success. Ultimately, social media offers […]

Exploring the Digital in the Arts and Humanities

The second Annual Northern Bridge Training Programme Summer School was held at The Great North Museum at Newcastle University from 4-5 June 2015. I has the distinct pleasure of participating, sharing and learning about the impact of the digital on humanities scholarship. I would like to thank all participants for a stimulating and thought provoking session and […]

Fiends in the Furrows and Findings in the Archives

If you’re curious about the British Folk Horror genre and/or the Fiend in the Furrows conference taking place today and this weekend at Queen’s (and let’s face it who isn’t), Dr Kath Stevenson has assembled a superb primer. A Fiend in the Furrows from Special Collections explores the work of three of the eminent practitioners of the art: Arthur Machen, M.R. James […]

Linking the Analogue Exhibition with the Digital

Special Collections at Queen’s University Belfast is pleased to launch a new digital exhibition: ‘Ireland and the Colonies: 1775-1947: Friendships, Alliances, Resistances‘. It is prepared and curated by Dr Kath Stevenson and Shawn Day with contributions from Dr Daniel Roberts, Dr Matthew Reznicek and Dr Jonathan Wright. It has been launched to coincide with the conference of the […]

Boring Words Excite Audiences

Queen’s University Library and the Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities were pleased to host a talk by James O’Sullivan of University College Cork School of English yesterday. O’Sullivan’s presentation on ‘The Significance of Boring Words: Stylometic Analyses of James Joyce” provided a disparate audience from the humanities, social sciences and law with fascinating […]

The Launch of ‘Heaney at Queen’s’ Digital Exhibition

[one_half] Special Collections and Archives at Queen’s Univesity Belfast are proud to release a very special curated digital collection “Heaney at Queen’s” in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry. This project was produced in close collaboration between the Library, the Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities, Professor Fran […]