Using Onodo to Learn Network Analysis and Visualisation

During our seminar on Network Analysis and Visualisation in DH6010/6019 this past semester as a group we enjoyed a case study involving network analysis of the Star Wars characters presented by Evelina Gabasova ( She does a superb job of combining analysis, explaining her methodology, deriving some fascinating deductions – all with a fun cinematically familiar network. The familiarity combined with Gabasova’s well […]

Using Trello for Team Process Management

Just delivered a short  workshop providing an overview of how to conceptualise and implement the commercial software platform Trello into a collaborative academic workflow. Trello offers an intuitive and scalable means to provide a shared workspace tracking tasks, users assigned and dates due to help facilitate shared management of complex processes. It offers transparency without intrusion […]

Network Analysis and Visualisation in the Humanities

Increasingly digital scholarship is expanding to look not just at discrete objects but to better understand the relationships between persons, places and things. A popular way of discovering patters and deriving new knowledge about these relationships involved visual appreciation of the relationship between data and objects and ultimately the real world phenomenon that they proxy […]

Storyboarding as a Project Planning Process

In Storyboarding research: How to proactively plan projects, reports and articles from the outset,  Patrick Dunleavy of LSE demonstrates a best practice methodology for project planning that builds from the concept of storyboarding. He support the process – in fact demonstrates its criticality – for discarding any project plan from the funding proposal and instead creatively […]

Fiends in the Furrows and Findings in the Archives

If you’re curious about the British Folk Horror genre and/or the Fiend in the Furrows conference taking place today and this weekend at Queen’s (and let’s face it who isn’t), Dr Kath Stevenson has assembled a superb primer. A Fiend in the Furrows from Special Collections explores the work of three of the eminent practitioners of the art: Arthur Machen, M.R. James […]