An Introduction to Data Visualisation


plotLinesData Visualisation skills are of increasing importance in analysing data and presenting humanities scholarship. Participants in this seminar participate in an overview of emerging practice through demonstration of best practice. We identify a variety of techniques for spatial, textual and graphical visualisation of data as a means to identify and explore patterns and trends. It is of relevance to a broad range of researchers working in arts, humanities, social sciences as well as related disciplines.
This workshop provides a foundation for more advanced hands-on workshops in specific aspects of data visualisations which we also offer.
On completion of this workshop attendees will be better suited to evaluate between available tools and to further explore those germane to their research demands.

Advance Preparation/Reading

For those so inclined, Designing Great Visualisations (Tableau), provides a handy introduction to our introduction and is of benefit prior to the day.

The Presentation

The slide deck which I offer is available to download:

Intro to Data Vis

datavis for the humanities 23 november 2015


A variety of resources are mentioned during the fast-paced introduction. To allow for further exploration links are provided here for you to follow up with.

During the Presentation

  1. The Flow of Refugees to Europe
  2. Data Visualisation References Network
  3. Information is Beautiful 2015
  4. Locals v Tourists
  5. TDs in the Dáil Éireann (Tree)
  6. TDs FlowMap
  7. The Shape of Song
  8. Stamen Maps
  9. Smell Maps (Sensory Maps)
  10. GE Annual Reports (iPad)
  11. Google Cultural Institute British Museum
  12. Software Studies
  13. 1812 Minard/Napoleon Modern
  14. Dr Who Mythology Engine
  16. Open Government Data Dashboard
  17. Google NGram Viewer
  18. IBM Watson Explore
  19. Citeology (Autodesk)
  20. PivotPaths
  21. Table of Visualisation Elements
  23. RAW


The D3 Gallery –  Maintained by Mike Bostock
Dashingd3.js – Great Tutorials
Data Visualisation: Modern Approaches
Digital Narrative Google Group
Digital Research Tools Wiki (DiRT)
Earth Point
Google Earth
Google SketchUp! (3D Modelling)
HyperPo 6.0/HyperPo 7.0 Alpha
IPInfoDB (Free IP address geolocation tools)
Milestones in the History of Thematic Cartography, Statistical Graphics, and Data VisualizationMONK
Open Street Map
SIMILE (Timeline, Exhibit)
Social Networks Visualiser
Sonic Visualiser
Spira Clock (Time as a spiral)
TagCrowd TAPoR (non-portal version: here)
Text Analysis Developers Association (Recipes)
TED Conference Site (Hans Rosling)
Text Arc (Textual Visualisation)
Timelines and Visual Histories
Versioning Machine
Visual Complexity

Websites and Blogs

Gallery of Data Visualisations (Good and Bad)
Information Aesthetics
Perceptual Edge
Pointy-Haired Dilbert
Visual Design & Analysis
Flowing Data
Info is Beautiful
Visualising Data
Dig Hum Specialist
Solomon Messing