An Introduction to Exhibit

Welcome to an Introduction to SIMILE’s Exhibit – a powerful, extensible and approachable tool that you can use to create compelling websites to present your research. This page provides background and encouragement in support of the Workshop delivered 2 December 2013.

2 December 2013 : 11:00 – 16:00 – McClay Library Training Auditorium, Queen’s University Belfast


[box title=”Workshop Materials” style=”soft” box_color=”#a10008″ radius=”4″]The following are available for download if you want to try this at home or they are not available on your workstation.


Exhibit 1Exhibit lets you easily create web pages with advanced text search and filtering functionalities, with interactive maps, timelines, and other visualisations. This workshop will provide participants with a working knowledge of this useful, lightweight tool for presenting research data in an interactive and user-driven fashion.

Increasing scholarship in the digital age requires more than simply citing or providing references to underlying study data. Users are becoming critical consumers of research data and want the ability to form their own conclusions and reuse and re-purpose data for knowledge creation.

This workshop assumes some familiarity with web technologies and basic HTML. Although limited exposure to JavaScript will be undertaken no other web development experience is demanded. Users will be instructed in hands-on exercises deploying and evolving the presentation of datasets with an eye towards deployment as a publication supporting website.

The session is complementary to other digital humanities skills-based workshops data visualisation, textual analysis and mining, data and digital collection management. On completion of this workshop attendees will be better equipped to judge whether a data presentation tool such as SIMILE Exhibit would be of benefit to their research project and to critically evaluate the benefits offered by similar research data presentation platforms.

The seminar will be of interest to those in traditional humanities disciplines as well as the wider academy as digital humanities is both collaborative and multidisciplinary in practice.

The Presentation

The presentation itself is available via Slideshare:


We have had an opportunity to merely scratch the surface and gain a broad familiarity with the potential of Exhibit as a research delivery tool. To follow up on this workshop and extend your skills the following are provided:


Canadian Network for Economic History
Canadian Prime Ministers
Ensemble Project Course Site
Research at the DHO


The Ensemble Project – Semantic Website in a Day

Further Study

The Exhibit Wiki (Official Site)

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