Getting Online with

The signup process for can present a few small challenges due to user’s browser choice and email client. To attempt to streamline and troubleshoot this process this page should show you what you should see at each stage of the process.

Your email address has been submitted to and you should receive an email from the server asking you to click a link to complete the on boarding process:

Invite Email
When you click on the link you will be taken to the signup page. You will see services are offered for a variety of subscription costs. You however are participating in a workshop and only need signup for the free plan to use our hosted instance.

Look for the box/button at the bottom of the page indicating ‘Sign up for Free’.

Screenshot 2014-10-27 09.47.17

When you click this button, you will be printed with a form asking for some details needed to set up your account, including the email address you received the invite at along with the opportunity to choose your own username, input your real name along with choice of a password.

Note: at the very last step you should see a ‘Captcha’ asking you to input the numerals or letters displayed in the small image. Please do so, agree to the terms and conditions and click the ‘Sign Up’ Button.

Omeka signup details

At this stage you should receive a Thank You screen to indicate that you have completed this process successfully.

omeka Thanks

At this point you should finally get a second email confirming all above and inviting you to log into your new account where you will see the shared instance we are using for the workshop.


If you click this link you should be taken immediately to your fresh new Omeka dashboard and see something very similar to:


You are now ready to learn all about using Omeka.


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