Google Tools for Digital Scholarship

Google-servicesGoogle (Now just the ‘G’ letter of the Alphabet) have created a huge number of products and services that most of us have made part of our everyday life – whether consciously or unconsciously. From their web search engine to Gmail and Google Maps chances are you are making use of their products as part of your own scholarly existence.

However, it may surprise you to discover just how many Google services exist that you may well not be aware of. That’s what this seminar is all about.

In this seminar we have introduced many lesser known, but potentially even more useful tools to scholars such as the particularly powerful Google Fusion Tables and Google Trends to the simple but powerful Google Keep among others. This just scrapes the surface with a series of tools that evolve everyday and with new tools emerging and other fading away after contributing to our scholarly imagination.

The tools discussed are linked below.

Links to Tools


  1. Google Solve for X
  2. Google Research
    1. SketchUp!
  3. Google Scholar
    1. ResearchGate
  4. Google Keep
    1. Evernote
  5. Google Public Data Explorer
  6. Google Developers
    1. IBM Watson
    2. Tableau Public
  7. Google Fusion Tables
    1.  Google Gap Minder
    2. Hans Rosling: The Best Statistics You’ve Never Seen
  8. Google Refine (now Open Refine)
    1. Mr Data Converter
    2. DataWrangler
  9. Google Groups
  10. Google Ancient Places Visualisation (GAPVis)
  11. Google Cultural Institute
  12. Google NGram Viewer
  13. Google Books
  14. Google Trends
  15. Google Trends Visualiser
  16. Google Correlate
  17.  (Hans Rosling : New Insights on Poverty)
  18. Google Docs Extended/Secrets
    1. SurveyMonkey
    2. LimeSurvey
  19. Google BigPicture Group
  20. Google Analytics
  21. Google Apps
  22. Evolution of the Web
  23. Google Time


QUB 29 April 2016 Google Tools for Scholarship



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