Managing Digital Projects

Welcome to the Digital Project Management Workshopproject_management

Date: 7 December 2015
Time: 11:00-13:00
Venue: Training Room 6 Grad School
Facilitator: Shawn Day

The increasing adoption of digital tools in the development and delivery of arts and humanities projects has introduced new challenges and presented new opportunities for effective project management. This workshop will explore:

  1. how to establish goals for the digital project;
  2. how to convert a funding proposal into a project plan;
  3. how to communicate with collaborators, users and with future stewards of the digital resource;
  4. why finishing should be a first thought;
  5. useful tools and tips to support the digital project management challenge.

Requirements for Attendance: This workshop assumes some familiarity with web technologies, but does not presume experience with any particular technical tools.

Workshop Learning Objective: On completion of this workshop attendees will be better equipped and have the confidence in their ability to initiate, develop, deliver and maintain a digital project.

Target Audience:  Arts & Humanities researchers, all levels; including those interacting with Cultural Heritage Institutions


The workshop presentation is available online :

Screenshot 2015-12-06 20.33.27
Digital Project Management Presentation December 2015


We have looked to a variety of tools and reference sites. A selection are available here:

  1. TAPoR2
  2. GANNT Pro Online
  3. Don Norman Everyday Things
  4. Wikipedia Project Management Software
  5. PiratePad
  6. Microsoft Project
  7. Microplanner Pro
  8. Omniplan Pro
  9. Zoho Projects
  10. BamBam!
  11. Bitrix24
  12. Trello
  13. 2-Plan Project Management Software
  14. Asana
  15. MeisterTask
  16. GanntProject
  17. Producteev
  18. Freedcamp
  19. daPulse
  21. Collabtive
  22. PhProjekt
  23. Evernote
  24. Google Docs
  25. Zoho Projects
  26. PBWorks
  27. Trac
  28. Mediawiki
  29. Slack
  30. Pinboard
  31. Zotero
  32. Basecamp HQ


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