Northern Bridge doctoral candidate Rachel Hanna, shares two new additions to the Sankriti History Archive developed at ArtsEkta. A TimeMapJS driven timeline and an interactive geospatial presentation using StoryMapJS provide unique lenses on this archive and offer new ways to experience and engage with the stories of peoples’ journeys. The Sanskriti project investigates migration, industry, rites of passage, and community with a main focus will be the shared heritage of the South Asian and indigenous community of Northern Ireland. The project has collected a rich and vibrant collection of stories and utilising these cutting edge visualisation tools Hanna has engineered new modes of navigating and discovering these stories through creative curation.

Creative application of these frameworks demonstrates how a skilled practitioner connects a real world need to emerging technologies to effectively tell a story (and in this case a series of stories as part of a larger narrative). Very impressive.

If you are interested in finding out more about these tools and more check out our next workshop: Tools for Digital Humanities Scholarly Innovation: TimelineJS, JuxtaposeJS, StoryMapJS, ESRI StoryMaps coming up 19 October 2015.



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