I was asked, as part of the Queen’s Gender Initiative (QGI),  to share a few ideas around why it has become so important for academics to engage with social media to achieve research impact. I focus on three actions : promotion, connection, and collaboration as a means to find personal academic research success. Ultimately, social media offers great opportunities, amplifying and extending traditional practise, but comes with its own perils and pitfalls, aspects we explored during this session.

This short presentation looks at both the why and the how to utilise social media for research impact and invites you to extend your own exploration of this through the following links:

  1. Dr Helen Dixon (QUB)
  2. The LSE Impact Blog
  3. JISC’s Social Media Influencers Report
  4. Dr Catherine Cronin (NUIG)
  5. Michele Dalton (UL)

All of who I have great respect for. These researchers engage daily with these issues and (in keeping with an open research ethos) share their findings, suggestion, hints, and tips.

To filter, manage and enhance your social media intake I also mention:

  1. Right Relevance
  2. Nuzzel
  3. Medium

The short presentation is also shared here:

Screenshot 2016-01-24 21.00.59

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