Screenshot 2016-07-04 16.46.34Just delivered a short  workshop providing an overview of how to conceptualise and implement the commercial software platform Trello into a collaborative academic workflow. Trello offers an intuitive and scalable means to provide a shared workspace tracking tasks, users assigned and dates due to help facilitate shared management of complex processes. It offers transparency without intrusion and has the potential to catch those milestones that may fall through the cracks. It is an excellent tool for both personal and professional use and has a flourishing user community.

Or so say I. I like Trello because it works the way I work. Basically as part of this introduction I reflect that Trello is a digital implementation of a whiteboard covered in post-it notes. It takes a simple concept and implements a slick and polished UI that takes ToDo’s to a new level. It augments the simple task list by adding user management, time management, visualisation, archiving of tasks along with integration with other digital productivity platforms.

My supporting presentation is available:


Introduction to Trello

What is Trello and Why is It Important?

In addition to a light hands-on experience, useful links:

  1. Trello Help
  2. Trello Inspiration
  3. Trello Power-Ups
  4. If This Then That (IFTT)
  5. Slack


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