We had great turnout for Monday’s workshop ‘Putting Your Data on the Map’ where we explored a variety of factors to consider when undertaking Geospatial Visualisation. The two part workshop offered some theoretical grounding as well as a semi-hands-on session with a couple tools: UMap and CartoDB.

The variety of online tutorials available for these and other tools demonstrating various powerful features proliferate. This morning I was pointed to another short (but effective) tutorial showing ‘ How to Build a Weather Map Using CartoDB ‘ – although you may not be meteorologically inclined, this useful set of steps demonstrates how to:

  1. acquire geospatialised data;
  2. inspect it to ensure quality;
  3. connect it to your own CartoDB data repository;
  4. visualise it for analysis;
  5. modify it to convey a message
  6. consider the supporting visual frameworks; and
  7. share it via a variety of platforms.

Although one of many, this is a great tutorial to try, if only to feel a sense of gratification at how easily these standard steps in any geovisualisation exercise can be accomplished as a foundation for future endeavours.

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