Surveying a Disparate Field

Thank you to all attendees at the DH workshop this afternoon. I really appreciated the thoughtful questions and comments.
I was very struck by the call for humanities programmes to thoughtfully consider the critical skills necessary to support emerging issues in a new field. Although discussion reinforced that we are rightly committed to traditional approaches and research trajectories, the emergence of new phenomenon are inevitable and although the academy has been quick to develop tools it has been less quick to appreciate their implications.
I take to heart that proponents of digital humanities scholarship need to demonstrate their own relevance to discipline challenged to demonstrate its own. As i may have suggested there is an advantage here for humanities broadly conceived to use the collaborative ethos of digital humanities to reinforce its relevance by imbuing traditional craft with an interdisciplinary commitment and carrying a paradigm shift in offering better engagement to the wider academy through a focus on defining context – cultural or otherwise – in the sciences.
Please do not hesitate to be in touch and I look forward to seeing you at our exciting upcoming workshops.

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