Special Collections in the Library and Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities (ICRH) at Queen’s University collaborate to foster, develop and build skills and proficiencies in digital tools, methods and techniques supporting the evolution of traditional humanities disciplines. Emerging digital arts and humanities research projects are collaborative in nature crossing disciplines, institutions and political boundaries to discover new means to create new knowledge.


Shawn Day is the Digital Humanities Co-ordinator and is happily available for consultation regarding your research projects and digital humanities tools, methods, standards, formats and general advice. He keeps regular office hours at the Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities, 18 University Square, Ground Floor from 1pm – 2pm on Mondays or by alternate arrangement. Please fill out the contact form on this site if you like to be in touch or to arrange a consultation.


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Workshops and Seminars
As part of this initiative, innovative hands-on workshops, thought-provoking seminars and lectures around emerging topics and issues are offered to the Queen’s community. The complete programme of workshops and lectures is available on the Events page. A complete list of the various workshops and seminars we have developed is also available. These are open to all staff and students, but often require advance registration as spaces are limited. If you would like further information, please fill out the contact form on this site.
Workshops, lectures and seminars are designed to initiate and encourage ongoing conversations around emerging trends and core principles in humanities and related disciplines. They are intended to both enrich the thriving digital humanities community at Queen’s and to respond to the particular needs of practitioners in the community.
Speaking of keeping in contact … please do feel free to comment on the events page if there are workshops that would be of particular interest to you.


Special Projects / Collaborative Development
We are available to work closely on technical aspects of your digital projects.
Over the past few months we have worked with a number of scholars to develop, deploy and refine their digital products using a wide variety of cutting edge tools. As part of our brief we can help to direct and provide recommendations towards appropriate and emerging platforms and tools.

Particular exhibitions include:
Heaney at Queen’s – [A]n Interest in Ideas (March 2014 – Limited Public Availability)
Ireland and the Colonies – Presented in conjunction with: Ireland and the Colonies, 1775‐1947: Friendships, Alliances, Resistances.
The Robert Hart Collection – Sir Robert Hart, an Irishman and Queen’s graduate, was a key figure in 19th century China
Surviving the City: Poverty and Public Health in Belfast




Keeping in Touch
In addition to this website/blog you will also find DH@QUB information via our Twitter stream and also our LinkedIn Group.
We are here to help you in any way we can, so please make contact and let’s chat.

linkedin We have a LinkedIn group where presentations are posted and discussion is undertaken, please feel fee to browse to it and share your thoughts.
[/one_half][one_half_last]twitter We also maintain an active twitter presence where we share happenings, event announcements and general discussion. Please feel fee to follow

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